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The Intelligence Observer is for the official on the move. Our pieces are designed to not get you bogged down in length, but rather we hope to deliver informative material gathered from open sources.

Inspiration for this site came from efforts like Foreign Policy magazine and the like.  We hope that this site provides insight and reduces your uncertainty about operating environments all around the world.

Editor-In-Chief and Resident Historian, Adam

Third year undergraduate, Intelligence Studies major and History major with research interests in deradicalization, international affairs, and crisis management. Experience with team leadership, organization and administrative duties.

 Asia & Pacific Section Chief, David 

Third year undergraduate student, Intelligence Studies major, pursuing a double minor in Asian Studies and Political Science.  Research interests concentrated on East Asia and the Pacific, focusing on Japan, China, and maritime activities. Experience in intelligence writing and presentation, and has intermediate proficiency in the Japanese language.

Europe & Russia Section Chief and Resident Cyber Coorespondant, Max

Second year undergraduate student pursuing degrees in Intelligence Studies  and Information Technology. His research interests include advanced technology, engineering, and cyber security.  He has also spent extensive time in the United Kingdom. 

Middle East & North Africa Section Chief, Erin

Third year undergraduate student, Intelligence Studies major, pursuing minors in Arabic and Islamic Studies and International Relations. Research interests concentrated on the Middle East and North Africa, focusing on extremist groups and terrorism. Experience in intelligence writing and presentation, and foreign policy analysis.

Sub-Saharan Africa Section Chief, Megan

 Third year Intelligence Studies undergraduate pursuing minors in Data Science and Arabic and Islamic Studies. Her research interests are Middle Eastern and African affairs.

Latin America Section Chief, Sam

First year graduate student with research interests in international affairs, particularly in the Middle East and Latin America, contemporary military interventions, and terrorism. He has experience abroad in Colombia and Israel.

IO General Correspondent, Sam

Second year graduate student with research interests in national security policy, international affairs, and conflict analysis.  He hopes to bring attention to issues regarding international events and their relationship to US national security interests.  Holds a bachelors in Political Science and has experience abroad in Nicaragua and experience in policy analysis for an executive office.

Asia & Pacific Section Analyst, Yuhao

Second year Intelligence Studies with an asian studies and BA minor. Born in Guangdong, China, Yuhao is native in both mandarin and cantonese chinese while proficient in English and French. Yuhao spent a year studying in Shanghai before coming to America to attend Mercyhurst University. His research interests include affairs in Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, primarily Libya, Turkey and Syria.

Europe & Russia Section Analyst, Matthew

Second year Intelligence Studies major with a dual Russian studies minor and history minor. Research interests in Russian/European history, military history, international affairs and espionage.

In pursuit of additional contributors.

Those interested in contributing send a 3-5 page (double-spaced) foreign affairs writing sample to: intelligenceobserver@gmail.com