INTELDROP 24 April 2016 [Cyber]


Cyber Technology and Security Correspondent – Max Kobrak

U.S. And Russia Meet On Cyber Security

 17 April 2016

CNN (New York) – Cybersecurity Officials from the U.S. and Russia are meeting in Geneva to discuss cyber security. The goal of the meeting is to put measures in place to prevent accidental clashes in cyberspace that could start a cyber war. The seven-day discussion details the establishment of a hotline between the U.S. and Russia for use during a cyber crisis.  Source: (Reliability: High)

New Ransomware Uses Scare Tactics To Panic Victims

 19 April 2016

InformationWeek (San Francisco) – JIGSAW is the newest ransomware variant to surface on the internet. Unlike earlier ransomware variants, JIGSAW has a very short payment time (24 hours). The program encrypts the victim’s files and sets a ransom amount typically between USD 20 to USD 250. Every hour the program raises the ransom amount and deletes files, putting pressure on the victim to pay as quickly as possible. JIGSAW is named and themed after a character in the Saw Franchise.  Source: (Reliability: High)

 Australia To Heavily Invest In Military Cyber Capabilities

 20 April 2016

Financial Review (Sydney) – Australia plans to launch a USD 180 million program to bring to together universities, businesses, and militia to combat cyber-crime and terrorism. The Australian Cyber Security Center will execute the plan, which is part of Australia’s national strategy to become a regional superpower in cyberspace. Source: (Reliability: High)

SEC To Increase Cybersecurity Regulations

 20 April 2016

Financial Planning (New York) – The SEC is bolstering Regulation S-P-a law that protects customer’s personal data-to include cyber security. Firms will face severe financial penalties if they fail to secure their client’s data. The increase in regulation comes from numerous cases involving “failure to have policies and procedures relating to the safeguarding of information.” Source:  (Reliability: Moderate)

Financial Institutions No Longer Primary Target For Cyber Crime

 21 April 2016

ATM Marketplace (New York) – According to the NNT 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report, cyber criminals are targeting retail sectors more than financial institutions. Criminals are targeting retail companies because of the mass volumes of data they collect, such as personal information and credit cards, which is sold on the black market. The report also detailed the evolution of malware to become more stealthy and sophisticated.  Source: (Reliability: High)

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