INTELDROP 10 April 2016 [China]


East Asia Correspondent – David McDonald

China Starts Live Fire Exercises In The Paracel Islands

5 April 2016

Popular Science (BEIJING) — China began live fire testing of its YJ-62 anti-ship and HQ-9 anti-aircraft missiles in the Paracel Islands.  A move, which occurred a week after China deployed anti-ship missiles to Woody Island.  The weapons tested included the HQ-9 surface to air missiles.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

CMC Vice-chairman Resigns Post Over Bribery Scandal

5 April 2016

BBC News (BEIJING) — Chinese authorities are investigating Central Military Commission (CMC) vice-chairman Gen Guo over a bribery scandal in which he accepted USD 12.3 million.  Guo is the most recent of many officials China has investigated as part of Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign.  Source: (Reliability: High)

Chinese Naval Escort Taskforce Leaves For Mission In Gulf Of Aden

8 April 2016

China Military Online (ZHOUSHAN) — On 7 April, Chinese warships left from Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, to conduct merchant ship escort missions in the Gulf of Aden.  This will be the most recent of numerous exercises conducted in the region since 2008.  The taskforce includes two guided-missile frigates, Xiangtan and Zhoushan, and a supply ship, Chaohu.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

U.S. And The Philippines Conduct Naval Exercises – China Concerned

8 April 2016

ECNS (BEIJING) — China has stated concern over a recent U.S.-Philippines military drill, stating that the U.S. and Philippines plan to “expand” into the Meiji Reef.  An unknown source stated that the U.S. plans to send warships near the Meiji Reef in late April.  Australian troops will join the exercise.  Japan and Vietnam plan to send troops to observe the exercise.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

Chinese Public Eagerly Awaits Second Aircraft Carrier According To China

7 April 2016

China Military Online (BEIJING) – According to Chinese officials, the public eagerly awaits the launch of its first domestically built aircraft carrier.  Chinese naval officials announced that the carrier would launch later this year.  Chinese experts state that the purpose of the new carrier is to respond to potential security issues from Taiwan, enhance national prestige, and demonstrate China’s international responsibility.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

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