INTELDROP 31 March 2016 [China]


HRT Correspondent – Adam Craddock

Bookseller Returns To Hong Kong, Praises Chinese Development

25 March 2016

Hong Kong Free Press (HONG KONG) – Bookseller, Lee Bo returned to Hong Kong on 24 March to close the missing persons case filed on him. He left Hong Kong to return to the mainland, stating that China’s mainland is well developed and utilizes advanced medical resources; he intends to use these for his ill son. Lee Bo furthered advised, “My feeling is that, as a Hong Kong person, Hong Kong’s development must rely on China.” Source: (Reliability: High)

Human Rights Activist Barred From Traveling to Accept Int’l Award

30 March 2016

 Hong Kong Free Press (BEIJING) – Authorities barred Chinese human rights activist, Ni Yulan, from traveling to the US to receive an International Women of Courage award, citing her direct connection to the “709 crackdown,” an operation conducted against human rights lawyers for subverting the state. Ni expressed immense gratitude to the international community for recognizing her work and cause. Source: (Reliability: High)

Newly Founded Hong Kong Nationalist Party Denied Registration

29 March 2016

Hong Kong Free Press (HONG KONG) – The newly founded Hong Kong Nationalist Party advocates independence for Hong Kong as the only path to end Chinese oppression. The Companies Registry denied the party a registration due to the illegal act of advocating independence for Hong Kong, citing the Chinese crime ordinance acts. The law states the registry is totally justified in its actions. Source:  (Reliability: High)

Southern Metropolis Daily Editor Resign Due To Media Censorship

29 March 2016

BBC (BEIJING) – Yu Shaolei, a top editor for Southern Metropolis Daily, resigned his post due to the restrictions of media censorship posed by the Communist Party. His resignation cites reason for departure as “being unable to bear your surname.” This is a reference to a previous Xi Jinping speech calling for media to bear the “surname” of the Communist Party through loyalty. He wished his censors well as he apologized for making their lives strenuous towards managing his social media, albeit seeming sarcastic. Source: (Reliability: High)

North Korean Defector Criticizes China Over Repatriation

26 March 2016

Yahoo News (BEIJING) – Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean defector, publically criticized China for routinely deporting North Korean asylum seekers back to North Korea, despite imprisonment and torture upon their return. She begged Chinese authorities grant North Korean refugees passage into China without threat of deportation. She published a book describing her experiences as a refugee in China titled The Girl With Seven Names. Source: (Reliability: Medium)


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