Hong Kong Indigenous, Can They Meet Their Goal Of A More Independent Hong Kong?


HRT Correspondent – Adam Craddock

Chances Are Better Than Even Hong Kong Indigenous Will Achieve Their Goals Of A More Independent Hong Kong

Executive Summary:

Chances are better than even Hong Kong Indigenous will achieve their goals of a more independent Hong Kong. In recent local elections, pro-democracy groups held their own against the pro-Beijing groups in the legislature. Foreign influence and support for pro-democratic movements add unexpected pressure on Beijing for their crackdown on human rights and censorship. Yet, the stranglehold the Xi Jinping regime has on Hong Kong makes a democratic future ambiguous.


Hong Kong Indigenous, a localist Hong Kong pro-independent group, acts as a growing symbol of the increasing Hong Kongers’ intolerance for the oppression of Hong Kong values and way of life by the government in Beijing.[i] In recent local elections, the Hong Kong Indigenous candidate, Edward Leung, garnered an unexpected 15% of the vote, with a pro-democratic Civil party candidate, Alvin Yeung, winning the election.[ii]

Recently, the United States along with eleven other countries criticized China on its recent poor human rights record. They demanded China release all detained activists and lawyers, yet China refused, citing the human rights violations of the accusatory countries including the US.[iii] Outside awareness and pressure of human rights violations in Hong Kong may bring an unprecedented chance for pro-democratic groups such as Hong Kong Indigenous to gain an advantage over pro-Beijing politicians.[iv]

The arrests of leaders, Edward Leung and Ray Wong, by authorities for participation in the Mong Kok riots in early February increased support for Hong Kong Indigenous as the two leaders urged their fellow Hong Kongers to continue in protests.[v] On bail, the two leaders met with US diplomats from the consulate in Hong Kong. Ray Wong confirmed the two US diplomats wanted to know more about the localist movement as well as offer advice.[vi]

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Title photo: Edward Leung Tin-kei, a leader of the Hong Kong Indigenous loyalist group

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