INTELDROP 19 March 2016 [China]


HRT Correspondent – Adam Craddock

Parliament Member Speaks Up Against Policies

 16 March 2016

BBC (BEIJING) – Jiang Hong, a member of the Chinese Parliament, agreed to an interview with a BBC correspondent. Jiang gave two previous interviews, authorities deleted the articles from internet news outlets. Jiang emphasized, “If a society only listens to one voice, then mistakes can be made.” He showed worry for people not being able to express their opinions and for the increasing amount of media deleted from the internet. An official hurried Jiang away before BBC concluded the interview.  Source:  (Reliability: High)

Chinese Official States Hong Kong Will Never Be Sovereign

 17 March 2016

BBC (HONG KONG) – Qiao Xiaoyang, head of China’s parliamentary law committee, addressed inquiries from reporters about the possibility of Hong Kong independence. He answered that Hong Kong will never exist as an independent nation. The response came in part due to a Hong Kong student’s article alleging Hong Kong independence by 2047.  Source:  (Reliability: High)

Legislative Council Forms Committee To Investigate Mong Kok Riots

 16 March 2016

Hong Kong Free Press (HONG KONG) – Due to government refusal, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong formed a committee to investigate the Mong Kok protests that occurred in early February. The committee’s objective is to determine if the government’s classification of the incident as a riot is conclusive and suggest ways to prevent future scenarios similar to it. Source:  (Reliability: High)

Mainland Journalist Disappears During Travels

 17 March 2016

BBC News (BEIJING) – Jia Jia, a prominent Beijing columnist, disappeared on route to Hong Kong from Beijing. Jia Jia recently gave warning to an editor friend to not publish a letter calling for Xi Jinping’s resignation. Jia Jia denied any connection to the letter. Jia’s wife last heard from him at 2000 hours on Tuesday. Source:  (Reliability: High)

Chinese Premier Praises Hong Kong Government

 16 March 2016

Reuters (BEIJING) – China’s Premier, Li Keqiang, praised the Hong Kong government and its people that they will solve any problems that arise though avoided mention of recent political tension. He urged maintenance of the social peace of Hong Kong. Li also promised the policy set forth by the 1997 treaty has not changed and will not change. Source:  (Reliability: High)

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