INTELDROP 16 March 2016 [Cyber]


Cyber Technology and Security Correspondent – Max Kobrak

British Telecom Companies Have Inadequate Cybersecurity

 15 March 2016

Telegraph (London) – A study conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) found British telecom companies to be the most vulnerable to cyberattacks. The study found the most prevalent risks to telecom companies to be the low-level investment in cybersecurity and the highly valuable nature of stored customer information. More than 50% of the telecom executives interviewed by CEBR believed their companies would experience a “significant breach” within one year.     Source: (Reliability: Medium)

USD 100 Million Stolen In Cyber Heist

 15 March 2016

BBC (London) – Aitur Rahman, the head of Bangladesh’s central bank, resigned after unidentified hackers stole USD 100 million from the bank’s foreign currency reserves. The thieves were caught due to a large number of transactions to private accounts and a spelling error in a transfer request. Rahman neglected to alert the government of the theft in February after notification from his employees. The government learned about the theft via foreign media. Source: (Reliability: High)

Ransomware Hits Mac Computers

 10 March 2016

Time Money (New York) – Cyber criminals infected Mac computers with ransomware for the first time. The criminals exploited a credible software development license to install backdoors on an undisclosed number of Mac computers. Apple has since corrected the issue with the license. The company is uncertain of the likelihood of a repeat attack.  Source:  (Reliability: High)

UK To Sponsor Publicly Funded Cybersecurity Accelerator

 12 March 2016

Tech City News (London) – The accelerator, run by Queen’s University and CyLon, aims to promote UK cybersecurity start-ups. Accelerators offer set amounts of capital from investors over a short period for a percentage of the company. The accelerator is part of a larger government-funded program, which aims to transform the UK into a cybersecurity hub, like the U.S. and Israel.   Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump

 15 March 2016

The Hill (U.S.) – “Anonymous,” the infamous hacking group, is calling upon its followers to carry out cyberattacks against Donald Trump’s websites on 1 April 2016. The attacks will target Trump’s websites and campaign infrastructure in an attempt to impede his political campaign. “Anonymous” has previously waged “cyber war” on Trump; however, the movement failed to gain traction and was quickly forgotten. Source:  (Reliability: Medium)

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