INTELDROP 13 March 2016 [Africa]


Middle East and Africa Affairs Correspondent – Megan Introna

Nigerian Army Destroys Boko Haram Camp and Kills 40

8 March 2016

Premium Times (ALAJERI)—Nigerian troops destroyed the Boko Haram camp in Alajeri in the Borno State. The military operation resulted in the death of 40 terrorists and the collection of weapons, ammunition, communication devices, Qurans, and motorcycles. No Nigerian soldiers died during the operation. Source:  (Reliability: Moderate)

Sahel Countries Developing Counterterrorism Task Force

5 March 2016

Reuters (N’DJAMENA)—The G5 Sahel countries, Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Mauritania, pledged to form special rapid reaction forces to counter Islamic terrorism in the Sahel region using European Union (EU) funding. The special rapid reaction forces will be teams of 100 men, which will deploy throughout the Sahel. An intelligence threat analysis and early warnings center in Mauritania will support these forces. Source:  (Reliability: Moderate)

North Mali Tuareg Clans Sign Ceasefire

10 March 2016

Reuters (TINFADIMATA)—In February 2016, the suspected murder of a Daoussak chief sparked conflict in the Gao region between the Imghads and Daoussak clans and their allies. However, the warring clans signed an agreement to stop all forms of violence. Experts believe the ceasefire will alleviate some of the challenges the UN faces in implementing a peace deal to stop the cycle of Tuareg minority rebellions in the north. Source:  (Reliability: Moderate)

Nigerian Oil Workers’ Strike Ends

10 March 2016

NEWSWEEK (ABUJA)—Members of two major oil and gas unions originally went on strike in response to the restructuring of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), forcing their offices to shut down. The strike ended after assurance from the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources that the restructuring would not result in job cuts. According to union leaders, the Nigerian government was secretive about the restructuring and failed to consult the unions about the workers’ interests. Source:  (Reliability: Moderate)

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