INTELDROP 10 March 2016 [Cyber]


IO General Correspondent – Samuel Rosenthal

China Shifting Military Scope

4 March 2016

Associated Press (BEIJING) – China is growing its military approximately 7% this year.  While it is shrinking the overall count of members within the PLA by 300,000 it is shifting resources into its navy and air force.  The PLA added several new advanced aircraft as well as an aircraft carrier and has plans for more ships.  China is focusing its military investments on global force projection instead of traditional ground forces.  China is also planning on to build a logistic center in Djibouti.  China is investing in cyberwarfare, missiles, and submarines to further its global aims.  Source:  (Reliability: High)

China Due to Launch Quantum Space Satellite

3 March 2016

Popular Science (HARLAN) – China will launch a satellite in July 2016 as part of the Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS).  China will use the Satellite to perform experiments to study quantum entanglement used for quantum encrypted communications, a theoretically uncrackable encryption method.  China already has a quantum communications network on the ground but is researching to build an Asian-European quantum communication network with partners in Europe.  If successful, the international network will be completed by 2020.  Source: (Reliability: high)

DDOS Attacks Increase Almost 150% in 2015

4 March 2016

Infosecurity (RICHMOND) – In 2015 China was the highest source of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks as found in a study by Akamai Security Intelligence Response Team.  China accounted for 28% of all DDOS attacks.  Cyberattacks reached 30,000 attacks per day.  While the discovered source of an attack is not definitively indicative of the true origins of the attack because of the use of private servers, China’s internet services are for government use predominantly.  The number of attacks linked to China are more accurate for this reason.  Source: (Reliability: High)

China Announces Five-Year Cyber Power Strategy

5 March 2016

Reuters (BEIJING) – Chinese officials announced a new five-year plan to become a world leader in the cyber domain.  It will focus on cyber research and development including robotics, aviation technology, and chip production materials.  Research and Development spending will increase from 2.1 % of GDP to 2.5 %.  The plan is to establish more control over the internet and will develop new policies laws to fight against anti-government influences.  The plan aims to boost the economy and to further China’s national security interests.  Source: (Reliability: High)

Hong Kong Cyberattacks Linked to China

4 March 2016

South China Morning Post (HONG KONG) ­– FireEye, a cyber security firm, reported a large amount of cyberattacks on businesses and organizations in Hong Kong.  The firm said that 43 % of the companies that use their services in the city faced serious attacks between July and December of 2015.  FireEye discovered that at least seven Chinese state-sponsored hacking groups have been attacking Hong Kong organizations since 2014.  Hong Kong suffered almost 5,000 attacks last year, a 43% increase from 2014.  Source:  (Reliability: Moderate)

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