INTELDROP 29 Feb 2016 [Latin America]


Latin America Correspondent – Sam Farnan

Obama Presents Plan to Close Guantanamo Prison

23 February 2016

CNN (ATLANTA) – President Obama delivered his plan to close the controversial detention facility at the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Obama’s plan involves moving some current detainees to other countries and the others to a possibly new, unnamed detention facility in the United States. Critics of the plan voice the argument that those released to other countries run the risk of returning to active terror networks that the United States is fighting worldwide. President Obama cited not only financial rationale for closing the prison but moral reasons as well. As of yet, the fate of the detainees and the prison still hangs in the balance of U.S. national politics. Source: (Reliability: High)

Bolivian President loses Referendum for 4th Term

22 February 2016

BBC (LONDON) – In an attempt to run for a fourth consecutive term, Bolivian President Evo Morales narrowly lost a public referendum last week that would amend the country’s constitution and allow him to remain in power until 2025.  Morales was elected into office in 2005, and again in 2009 and 2014. Under his leadership Bolivia’s economy has steadily grown through both his efforts to renationalize oil and gas and his leftist policies. Although he lost this weekend’s referendum, Morales still largely enjoys popular support in Bolivia for both his individual narrative and successful domestic policies. Source: (Reliability: High)


Petrobras to Receive $10 Billion from China Bank

26 February 2016

Bloomberg Business (NEW YORK) – Brazil’s national oil company Petrobras (Petroleo Brasileiro SA) will be the recipient of $10 billion from China’s Development Bank. Between Brazil’s worst economic recession in the last century and poor crude prices, this is a short term relief for the most indebted oil company in the world currently. Although the current export of barrels per day for this deal has not been disclosed, a previous deal in 2009 saw anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 barrels of oil per day exported to China. For Petrobras, this could also serve as a relief from its recent corruption scandal that has rocked Brazil’s economy and political climate this year. Source: (Reliability: High)

147 Zika Cases in U.S.

26 February 2016

CNN (ATLANTA ) – The mosquito-borne disease that is spreading across not only South America at a rapid pace, but the scientists are seeing an uptick in cases ranging all across the globe. The CDC last week tallied up over 147 cases of Zika in the U.S. mainland and its various territories to include American Samoa. However Puerto Rico seems to be the hardest hit region with an additional 117 cases of the disease that were not added to the above count. The CDC has cautioned women who are pregnant or may become pregnant to not travel to Brazil for the Summer Olympic games later this year. Source: (Reliability: High)

ELN Moving into FARC Territory in Colombia

26 February 2016

BBC (LONDON) – Despite the peace treaty that is almost certain at this point to be signed by the Colombian government and FARC guerrilla group, trouble still lurks for peace. ELN (Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional) or National Liberation Army in English have been reported taking over areas throughout the country where the FARC was predominantly located. Aiding the ELN’s effort are disgruntled FARC fighters that disagree with the current peace talks and are defecting to the ELN. Like the FARC, the ELN emerged in the 1960s and seeks a Marxist redistribution of wealth in Colombia. Additionally, they are financed similarly to the FARC via drug trafficking, kidnappings, and extortion. Source: (Reliability: High)

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