INTELDROP 31 March 2016 [China]

HRT Correspondent – Adam Craddock Bookseller Returns To Hong Kong, Praises Chinese Development 25 March 2016 Hong Kong Free Press (HONG KONG) – Bookseller, Lee Bo returned to Hong Kong on 24 March to close the missing persons case filed on him. He left Hong Kong to return to the mainland, stating that China’s mainland […]

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Summary of Brussels Bombings

Working Correspondent – Patrick Spizarny Summary of Brussels Bombings (March 22, 2016) Written: March 27, 2016 Summary. On March 22, 2016, two bombs at the Brussels airport and one bomb in a subway station killed at least 30 people. Police are unsure exactly how many people are involved in the plot. ISIS claimed responsibility. End […]

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North Korea Highly Likely To Intensify Anti-South Korean Rhetoric During Exercies

East Asia Correspondent – David McDonald North Korea Highly Likely To Intensify Anti – South Korean Rhetoric During Exercises 25 March 2016 Executive Summary: It is highly likely that the North Korean military will continue its anti – South Korean military exercises, amid increased tension among the two nation.  It is also likely that North […]

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Brazil in Crisis: March 2016 Special Report

Latin America Correspondent – Sam Farnan Executive Summary Brazil’s unfolding corruption scandal between large construction firms, the state-controlled oil corporation Petrobras, and renowned public servants highlights a troubling step backwards for a nation that was considered by many to be an up-and-coming global player. Discussion The now infamous Petrobras corruption scandal that has sparked riots […]

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Hong Kong Indigenous, Can They Meet Their Goal Of A More Independent Hong Kong?

HRT Correspondent – Adam Craddock Chances Are Better Than Even Hong Kong Indigenous Will Achieve Their Goals Of A More Independent Hong Kong Executive Summary: Chances are better than even Hong Kong Indigenous will achieve their goals of a more independent Hong Kong. In recent local elections, pro-democracy groups held their own against the pro-Beijing […]

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INTELDROP 19 March 2016 [Asia]

East Asia Correspondent – David McDonald U.S. Sees New Chinese Activity Around South China Sea Shoal 17 March 2016 Reuters (WASHINGTON) — On 17 March U.S. Navy Admiral John Richardson stated that the U.S. has been observing Chinese activity at Scarborough Shoal, which it seized from the Philippines.  The U.S. is concerned that China would […]

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