INTELDROP 27 Feb 2016 [China]



East Asia Correspondent – David McDonald

Australia Announces Greater Presence in South China Sea, Chinese Concerned

26 February 2016

BBC (SYDNEY) – On February 25, Australian officials released a white paper announcing an increase in its military spending.  The paper comes in response to Chinese reclamation of islands in the South China Sea.  Chinese officials claim that the move is concerning and that it prevents realistic and peaceful action from occurring. The white paper outlined Australia’s plan to update its submarine fleet and improve its intelligence and cyber capabilities.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate) 

China Places Radar Facility On Island In South China Sea

23 February 2016

NY Times (HONG KONG) — China is building several radar facilities in the South China Sea, according to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).  Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi asserts that China is using the islands for civilian purposes only.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

China Admiral Talks Warships With Cambodia As Navy Drill Shores Up Ties

26 February 2016

Reuters (PHNOM PENH) — During a military visit to Cambodia, Chinese naval officials discussed the possibility of China supplying it with warships.  Tea Vinh, Cambodia’s naval commander stated that the country wants two warships from China and that the two sides will continue talks.  In past visits, China supplied Cambodia with helicopters, shoulder-fired rockets, and jeeps.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

China Says Its Warships Will Join Major U.S. Hosted Naval Drills

25 February 2016

Reuters (BEIJING) — Chinese officials confirmed that they would send warships to the U.S. to cooperate in the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise.  China’s defense ministry spokesman, Wu Qian claimed that these exercises will help China with non-traditional military threats.  He also acknowledged that the Sino-U.S. military relations made the decision difficult, especially given U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and U.S. patrol in the South China Sea.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

China Commissions Guided Missile Frigate Into East Sea Fleet

24 February 2016

IHS Janes (SINGAPORE) — China commissioned a Jiangkai II-class guided missile frigate to its East Sea fleet on February 24.  The frigate, the Xiangtan, is the 22nd ship commissioned in its class.  Though there is no information on the ship’s intention, PLAN typically deploys Jiangkai II-class ships to the Indian Ocean to demonstrate its operational reach.  Source: (Reliability: High)

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