INTELDROP 23 Feb 2016 [Africa]



Middle East and African Affairs Correspondent – Megan Introna

Moroccan ISIS Cell Dismantled

20 February 2016

RT (EL JADIDA) — Moroccan authorities in El Jadida dismantled a 10-member ISIS cell with the capabilities to carry out a suicide bombing and an attack involving chemical weapons. The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) seized weapons, including automatic machine guns, revolvers, and rifles, originating from Libya. In addition, BCIJ seized biological and chemical substances likely meant for chemical weapons. Unlike most ISIS cells, where members train with ISIS in Syria and Iraq before moving to their operational zones, ISIS trained and supplied this cell locally.  Source:  (Reliability: Low)

Tunisia Extends State of Emergency

22 February 2016

Albawaba (TUNIS) — On 21 February 2016, Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi extended the state of emergency for an additional month in response to national security concerns regarding the Tunisian-Libyan border and regional stability. Essebsi originally decreed the state of emergency on 24 November 2015 in reaction to an ISIS-linked suicide bombing that killed 12 members of the presidential guard and wounded 20 others in Tunis.  The decree allows the government to censor media outlets, suspend demonstrations and strikes, and search homes if the activities or individuals endanger security and public order. Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

24 Killed in Cameroon Market

19 February 2016

Reuters (YAOUNDE) — Two female suicide bombers carried out an attack in Meme, Cameroon, which killed at least 24 and injured 112. The perpetrators posed as food vendors and carried the explosives in their cooking pots. No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack; however, authorities suspect Boko Haram is responsible. Source: (Reliability: High)

Ugandan Police Repeatedly Detain Opposition Leader

22 February 2016

NEWSWEEK (KAMPALA) —The incumbent Yoweri Museveni beat contender Kizza Besigye for the fourth time in Uganda’s presidential elections. Ugandan law gives electoral candidates 10 days following the election to dispute the results; however, Ugandan police have detained Besigye four times in the past eight days for activities such as attempting to claim voting fraud at a police station, attempting to visit the electoral commission offices, and mobilizing supporters to cause violence in Kampala.  Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

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