INTELDROP 19 Feb 2016 [China]



HRT Correspondent – Adam Craddock

China’s Journalists On The Decline Due To Restrictions

11 February 2016

Guardian (BEIJING) – Journalists refuse to continue their profession in China due to a belief that it has no future in China. President Xi Jinping’s authoritarian regime harshly censors news reported in magazines, newspapers and other printed media. Combined with the financial constraints brought on by operating a newspaper in the digital age, the challenge to report what actually goes on is very difficult if not impossible. Source: (Reliability: High)

Hong Kong Bookseller Faces Blackmail Charges

17 February 2016

South China Morning Post (HONG KONG) – Chinese authorities hold Lee Po, a Chinese bookseller, on blackmail charges pending investigation. He could potentially face up to 10 years in prison for this crime. Claims made against Lee Po include blackmailing mainland officials for money in exchange for not publishing “gossipy” books about them. All this came to light after Lee Po and his associates disappeared from Hong Kong, but found on the Chinese mainland detained by authorities. Source: (Reliability: High)

Government Refuses Independent Inquiry On Mong Kok Protests

16 February 2016

Hong Kong Free Press (HONG KONG) – The Chinese government refused to create an independent commission of inquiry into the protests at Mong Kok after a petition of over 2000 signatures circulated requesting them to do so. The government explained there is no need because of police investigations in place already apprehending instigators for “fair trial.” Various intellectuals claim that Hong Kong is becoming more autocratic in the face of the new regime. Source: (Reliability: High)

Three Rights Advocates Imprisoned In China For Subversion

28 January 2016

New York Times (BEIJING) – Chinese authorities imprisoned Tang Jingling, Yuan Chaoyang and Wang Qingying, three civil rights advocates, for the crime of subversion. The three received sentences ranging from two and a half to five years in prison. Part of a civil disobedience movement, authorities hope to use the verdict as a gauge to determine how the general populace reacts as a pro-democratic movement is believed to be growing in Hong Kong. Source: (Reliability: High)

Two Buddhist Monks Detained On Suspicion of Praying For Dalai Lama

11 February 2016

Radio Free Asia (SICHUAN) – Chinese authorities detained Khenpo Paga and Geshe Orgyen, two high ranking Buddhist monks of the Chokri monastery in Draggo County in the Kardze (Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, for organizing a prayer ceremony for the health of the Dalai Lama on January 25th. Authorities deployed security forces to monitor the region to deter any further demonstrations on January 31st. Source: (Reliability: Moderate)

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