Document Summary [China]

East Asia Correspondent – David McDonald How Xi Jinping Sees The World…And Why By Jeffrey A. Bader Executive Summary:  Despite its history of weakness, China is an emerging world power, largely due to the changing nature of its leadership and the historical forces that affected the country.  Due to a number of factors, China is not […]

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INTELDROP 27 Feb 2016 [Cyber Threats]

IO General Correspondent – Sam Rosenthal “Dust Storm” Attackers Target Japanese Critical Infrastructure 23 February 2016 An unknown group is responsible for attacks against Japanese critical infrastructure since 2010 called “Operation Dust Storm”.  The group uses several common methods to carry out their attacks and researchers identified several attacks in 2011 involving zero-day exploits that […]

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INTELDROP 27 Feb 2016 [China]

  East Asia Correspondent – David McDonald Australia Announces Greater Presence in South China Sea, Chinese Concerned 26 February 2016 BBC (SYDNEY) – On February 25, Australian officials released a white paper announcing an increase in its military spending.  The paper comes in response to Chinese reclamation of islands in the South China Sea.  Chinese […]

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INTELDROP 26 Feb 2016 [China]

  HRT Correspondent – Adam Craddock Former British Governor Of Hong Kong Challenges Academic Oppression 24 February 2016 University World News (HONG KONG) – Chris Patten, the last former governor of Hong Kong, challenged the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, current Chancellor of Public Universities, of utilizing authoritarian policies to suppress the autonomy of Hong […]

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INTELDROP 25 Feb 2016 [East Asia]

East Asia Correspondent, David McDonald  Beijing Places Missile Launchers On Disputed South China Sea Island  17 February 2016 The Guardian (TOKYO) — Beijing deployed eight surface-to-air missile launchers on Woody Island.  Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister claimed that the numerous self-defense mechanisms located on the Paracel islands are consistent with the self-preservation that China views […]

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